Stuff I wanna buy in 2007 (but probably won’t be able to afford half of ’em)

  1. Fuji Finepix S5200 / S5600 Digital Camera
  2. A new (second-hand) Laptop
  4. SuperMario 64 DS for my Nintendo DS
  5. New pair of Binoculars (10×50 or 12×50)
  6. Driving lessons via The AA Driving School
  7. An Austin Mini / Mini Cooper (not the BMW thing)
  8. A GraFar EWS Class66 N-Gauge diesel locomotive
  9. A GraFar Class37 N-Gauge diesel locomotive
  10. A Hamster + one of them cages with tubes + toys 4 it
  11. A Blue / Cobalt Budgie + a cage to keep it in
  12. A Shakespeare UGLY STIK Pike fishing rod
  13. A mafia death contract on the people who spam my websites.
  14. A mobile phone that actually works (one has a shagged battery, the other can’t get a signal).

Author: admin-jduck1979

Falling to bits skint Yorkshire bloke who likes knocking together websites in the hope I might make quite a few quid out of one of them some day.

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