My Mouse Mat Sprung a Leak!

By the start of 2016 I figured it was probably about time to invest in a new mousemat, as my original from 1999/2000 was starting to look a bit grotty + the rubber/neoprene stuff it was made of was starting to come to bits.

After poking around on a well known popular online mail order shopping emporium, I opted for the Fellowes Crystals Gel Mouse Mat with Wrist Support thing in black, and ordered it at the end of January.

It still appears to be available for around a tenner.

Earlier on this morning I was playing CS:GO (as I often do), and discovered it had developed a slight technical problem.

It had sprung a leak, and covered my right wrist with ‘orrible gloopy memo gel stuff that was an absolute tw*t to get off (took 3 or 4 attempts to get rid of it).

I attempted to make a “redneck repair job” on it, which turned out to not really make much difference after an hour of testing it out, and having to wash my hands again before I could upload the video at the bottom of the page and write this blog entry about it.

Falling to bits skint Yorkshire bloke who likes knocking together websites in the hope I might make quite a few quid out of one of them some day.

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