Trying To Create Content, Without Really Being Able To

I started this year kind of wanting to try a bit more to push forward with the content creator thing writing my blogs here and elsewhere, as well as try and get my YouTube channels back on track.

As with a lot of content creator types who mostly rely on going outside with a camera doing things to get their content, that has pretty much gone right down the s****er.

This has also had a knock-on effect on trying to cobble together blog posts on things that don’t require me to go outside to do things to be able to put together some content.

I kind of get ideas for things I could write when I’m away from where I can actually write things down, but then when I’m sat back down here where I can actually write them I’ve forgotten most of it. Or just as I’m about to try write something, I get called away to do other stuff.

I’m just really creating this post to try get out of the funk by writing any random s**t that comes out of my head to try get back in the habit of more frequently tinkering with my websites and social media.

The wordpress install this post is cobbled together on apparently has 28 pending updates I might take a look at eventually, while the CGI/Perl scripts on the webhosting package that run other old stuff like my old YaBB forums are seemingly dead after the webhosts latest server updates have put them out of action the other week.

I was sort of thinking of attempting some TV or Movie reviews on one of my other blogs, which has also just reminded me of a post I mean’t to write there a few months back about a website which had recently p*ssed me off. Two websites, come to think of it.

I can’t remember now if I actually started them posts at all, it has been that long since I’ve been able to work up the motivation to create.

I still want to blog + create social media content like YouTube Videos and Instagram posts on the off-chance I can make a few quid out of it, it just ain’t that easy to do anything these days in order to be able to create it. It was already bad enough being too broke asf to be able to do as much as I wanted to be able to without this carry on as well.

Cross your fingers things pick up soon (though I wouldn’t hold your breath).

Author: admin-jduck1979

Falling to bits skint Yorkshire bloke who likes knocking together websites in the hope I might make quite a few quid out of one of them some day.

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