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I’ve had an account on Instagram since at least March 2013 (based on my earliest upload there I can find), but been pretty hobbled with what I could do with the place since all my devices got too old to run the latest version of the app.


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Not that it was much easier to get stuff up on there when they still worked, having to first transfer stuff from my camera to the PC to the device in order to get it up on Instagram.

Once the mobile devices were no longer an option, I kinda left it for a while until having a stab with Android emulator software Bluestacks.
Despite these difficulties I seem to have notched up 285 Instagram posts to date over 455 weeks (about 8.72 years, apparently) with 100 followers at time of writing, while I’m currently following 378.

According to SocialBlade that gives me the following stats……
Followers Rank: 10,787,741st
Following Rank: 7,358,660th
Engagement Rank: 8,408,286th
Media Rank: 5,179,454th

With a recent update to Instagram that means you can finally actually upload your stuff directly from the website with your favourite web browser, I’m developing a renewed urged to start uploading more frequently so I can statistically pound the sh*t out of someone on there i’ve been wishing I could literally beat the crap out of for about the last 6yrs or so.

I tried an unsuccessful test upload the other week, which failed (file size too big without editing?)…. but earlier tonight I had a poke around in my archive of photographs from my earlier digital cameras, or at least the pics that survived the Seagate hard drive failure of 2015, and got this picture up from 2007……


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I hoping to also have normal service resumed on my other photo & video content outlets next year, but ain’t holding my breath after I said the same thing to myself this time last year…….

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