New Mouse Mat

So, my new replacement mouse mat arrived back on 28th April from Amazon UK.

I was originally aiming for an Amazon Basics gaming mouse mat, but that became unavailable a few days before I had the money available to put the order through, so i got a Kensington Memory Foam Mouse Mat instead, which at least brand matches the Kensington Keyboard wristrest I got before I later bought my leaky old Fellowes Gel Mouse Mat (thought I got it around same time, but looking back through my Amazon orders shows otherwise)


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New Mouse Mat arrived (28th April). Check my blog at the link in my profile to see if I remembered to write a post there about it yet

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Thinking about it, I think the new mouse mat I got was the one I was originally planning to buy when I got the one I recently retired because the kensington one I wanted went out of stock just as I was ready to order the bloody thing.

So far I’m liking it.

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