JD’s Egg fried Rice recipe

Egg Fried Rice
1 cup of Rice
1 Onion
2 cloves of Garlic (optional)
1 tin of Spam (optional)
1 Bell pepper (optional)
1 tablespoon of Soya Sauce (optional)
2 – 3 eggs
Cooking Oil

Kitchen tools needed:
1x saucepan of boiling water
1x large(ish) Frying pan
1x Measuring jug or a mixing bowl
1x Fork
1x Spatula
Bowl or Plate to put it on when you’ve finished cooking it

How to cook it:
Once the water in the saucepan has started to boil, tip the contents of the cup of rice into it.
Next, heat up the frying pan and add the oil
Chop the onion, put it in the fry pan. Next do the same with the Garlic & Bell pepper if you want to include them.
Break the eggs into the measuring jug or mixing bowl, and beat them with the fork.
Add the Spam to the frying pan if you wanna include it.

By now, 20minutes will have passed and the rice should be ready.
Drain the rice if necessary, then tip it into the frying pan with the rest of the stuff. Keep stirring, or you’ll burn it.
Pour the beaten egg over the rice and other ingredients in the frying pan…… keep stirring and turning the mixture until the egg has started to dry out.

Pour the tablespoon of Soya sauce over the mix, give it a quick stir and it is ready to serve & eat.

~ JD

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