Pen Pals

Trying to find new pen pals / online friends was one of the primary reasons I made the effort to start using the internet way back at the turn of the millenium in 1999/2000.

I mostly went looking for them because the few I knew from school never really made much effort to contact me outside school anyway, and largely vanished off the face of the earth until the big social networks we know today started becoming the big social networking sites we know today.

One website in particular became a favourite before it recently p***ed me of by randomly blocking my account mid-convo I’d had on that incarnation of their stupid website I’ve had since at least 2007/2008 on 14th June 2020 (so as far as I’m concerned they can shove it, and shall not mention it’s name).

I was already kind of losing my mojo over trying to find new friends anyway as I had not really found anyone I clicked with since 2007-2009, and they cut off contact with me back in 2011.

Anyone who sort of fitted the bill on that stupid website you couldn’t contact due to restrictions on their account, and the few who could didn’t answer anyway.

The few who did answer generally vanished after a few weeks, or turned out to be morons trying to coax people to stupid dating websites which search engine results brought up scam warnings about.

Seriously, these days trying to keep hold of a pen pal is like trying to keep hold of a greased pig on an ice rink after a spillage of Slick 50 automotive lubricant products.

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