Encounter With a Badger

The other week something happened vaguely interesting enough to try turn into a blog post, so here’s my effort to try turn it into a blog post.

It was the early hours of Saturday morning (19th June), and after several days of sweating my nuts off due to the heat/humidity of the weather, it had now gone cloudy with a hint of possibily raining.

This mean’t once again my Dad turned the gas fire on in the livingroom (even though it wasn’t cold enough to need it on), and once again he’d whacked-up the thermostat for the central heating to levels not even needed in the middle of winter unless the weather flips to the sort of thing only normally encountered by polar explorers.

It didn’t even need to be up that high during the cold spells of 2010, 2013 & 2018 when I did my best winter weather videos.

This mean’t the livingroom temperatures were pushing 84°F (again), causing my nose and throat to dry out to the point I was close to stopping breathing, and my butt was sweating so bad it felt like I’d pissed myself (just another typical evening in this house).

So I thought it best to pop downstairs through the backyard to the family shop to grab a bottle of water to try revive myself.

On the way back in the dark (it was after midnight) I spotted a furry thing at the bottom of the steps, and I was thinking “Don’t tell me that’s a fucking cat trying to get up the bloody steps”.

Then it turn it’s head, and I saw it was a badger. This made things kind of awkward, as they can apparently get a bit frisky when cornered.

Thankfully it went to hide behind the wheelie bins, and I made it back up the steps without it going for my leg.

Things like this always seem to happen when I haven’t got my sodding camera with me.

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